About forgotten temples

Mar 16, 2008 in

I wrote in the article About Rollercoasters that Hindu temples (that are still frequented) feel more like a fair than like an ancient, mythical temple. Well, this is not entirely true… India has such ancient structures of past ages which are not just “forgotten” in the sense of “badly maintained till it crumbled into a ruin”.
The place where we have been is called Hampi… just have a look at the photos…

Was this a public Bath?
Some hall in a temple ruin. The carvings on each and every column were telling different stories. Stories which I partly even knew! (Man, I am so good…!)
We stayed near the bazaar which is at the high temple in the far distance – we had to cross the river from there.
The nutshell is the only way to cross the river… sometimes with three motorbikes on board! The work on 100m long concrete bridge that was about to be finished was stopped just like that 7 years ago. (Jens: ‘Ja hm… lass uns mal nicht weiterbauen…’)
View from the Hanuman temple
That’s me. Still on the Hanuman temple.
It’s India, after all… but wait… look closely to find out how green point garbage is recycled! :D
A gangway in a temple. Very spooky since there was almost no light and it smelled very strange in there. While walking there, we saw a centipede which was about 30cm long and as thick as a thumb… luckily it was dead though.