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Structure (Chapter 7: Structures) Cost
Size inch
Measured along the structure's longest dimension. Ignore weapons, decoration, wheels, limbs, etc. in this measurement. Round up- or downward according to preference.
Choose according to what seems most appropriate. Armor level cannot be higher than the structure's size.
Propulsion (Chapter 9: Vehicles) Cost
Standard Movement
wheels, legs, treads, space flight...
inch default
max. 16 inch
Flying Movement
wings, antigravity, capes...
inch default
max. 24 inch
Thrust Movement
jets, propellers, sails, rockets...
Armament (Chapter 8: Weaponry) Cost
Type Size Amount Custom Name Use Range Damage / Notes
add a Bastard Minifig weapon instead Power Usage /
Extra Protection Cost
Type Size Strength Effect
Custom Specialities / Equipment Cost
Name Description
with template
Specify and describe your own specialities and equipment here.
Mind Cost
Has an own mind
The creation is a creature, robot or other construct that can act independently without a pilot. (Chapter 10: Minds)
Half Mind
Extra Action
Each point spent here allows to take one extra Action against any target per turn. The same weapon, hand, or equipment item still cannot be used for more than one Action in one turn.
Each point spent here increases the number of weapons or tools the Creature can use in a single turn, provided it has enough hands to use them. This does not grant any additional Actions.
SuperNatural Cost
Is SuperNatural
Embodies a SuperNatural Cliché: A Wizard, Super Hero, Psychik, Magical Abomination ... (Chapter 10: SuperNatural Abilities)
Die Amount Notes
A SuperNaturally-powered unit measures the strength of its abilities by the SuperNatural Dice under its control.
Total Cost
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Flavor Text
Title Picture
You can simply drop an image onto left area to change the picture. You can zoom in with the scrollwheel and move the picture around with the mouse.
The image should have at least 412x412 pixels, otherwise it will be blurry.
Same as for title picture, only drop on the right side of the statcard.
Watermark Opacity %
Damage Table
Display a table denoting the effects the damage taken has on the construction instead of the one-liner describing the attributes like on the front side.
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